Saturday, October 11, 2008

Plastic Canvas

Oh the joys of plastic canvas! It can be used to make so many things, and works well for toys for kids because it's durable (if 4 ply (or thicker) yarn is used to hold it together.) You can make doll furniture, blocks, cars, boxes, picture frames, bags and purses. I even saw a pattern for a lunch box. The possibilities are endless! You can make up a pattern yourself, or find printable ones on the Internet or in books.There are lots of free links on the Internet. Here are a few I liked:

Making baby blocks with plastic canvas? Here's a link with directions on how to make these simple toys (the bell inside is sure to be a hit!). has lots of downloadable patterns for kids using plastic canvas. (You have to be a member of this site to get free patterns, but membership is free.

One last site you might want to look at is this one from offering more free patterns from everything from tissue box covers to ABC magnets.

Have fun stitching!


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