Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quiet Books

I've been looking online for ideas to make quiet books, especially for church, and I found some web sites that I found helpful. This first one has pictures and instructions for things like with zippers and snaps, all related to church themes. This one has a sewn quiet book but also ideas for a gospel ABC book that wouldn't require sewing. This page has some different ideas and not as much instructions, just to get you thinking of all the possibilities.


  1. i love this idea, i'm adding your link right now, infact i have a play group at my house today and i want to suggest making some of these quiet books.
    your awesome!

  2. if any of you in the ward or in provo are interested in making quiet books, a few of us are working on them in our craft group...Janae got us motivated but when she moved I started slacking!

    Come bounce ideas around with us!


Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love to hear and learn from others!